Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

So, imagine a moment in time. Any moment, you can make the choice. Why does that moment stick out in your memory? What about that one particular moment was so worthy of remembering? Can you detail that moment, can you recollect everything that made it memorable?

There are certain moments throughout my lifetime which are memorable. Each, respectively, holds a certain place within my heart. These memories range from the good to the bad, the ones which evoke laughter and those which evoke tears. Each of these moments are valuable. Without each of these moments, I would not be who I am today.

For this specific moment, however, I would just like to express my thanks to a collection of people who have been a positive aspect in my life recently. These individuals, respectively, are perhaps the most awesome collection of individuals I have had the honor to be associated with in my recent memory. Whether they truly know it or not, I would like to extent my sincere thanks to each of them. In various ways, they have helped me to grow - to become a better person. Their friendship is something, which honestly, I could never truly thank them enough for. Each of these individuals are massively awesome, and have provided me with new experiences which are only beneficial.

Each of you now holds a special place in my heart. When times get dark, I know that I can turn to you to help shed light. When I feel lost, I know I can depend on you to help uncover the hidden road. When times are difficult, I know now that I will have someone to depend upon. Hopefully, when these troubles confront you, you will recognize there is always someone here to assist you. Never fear to ask, for I would do anything for any of you.

So to Jodi, Kristy, Melissa, Rasheeka and Sam I would just like to say "Thank you!" I honestly am not sure I could truly ever express my sincere appreciation for your friendship. Each of you, respectively and collectively, have been some of the most awesome people I have ever had the priveledge to know. So, for what it is worth, Thanks.

Long Live Team Elite!! Much love!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Moment of Creativity

As the title implies, during the vast amount of my seemingly never-ending readings for class, I had a moment of creativity. So, I thought I would write it down before the moment passed into the infinite vastness of forgetfulness. None the less, here is the product of my moment of creativity.

Sapphire Star of the Evenfall

Trace the twinkling twilight beauty,
Of the sapphire star of the evenfall.
Follow always in her silent shimmering brilliance,
Which banishes forever the shadows of solitude.
Gaze rapturously upon star-flecked perfection,
Which evokes an unconscious warming of the soul.
Feel the illusory hope which dawns,
Welcome again the radiance of the evenfall.
Speak silently secret words upon the twilight winds,
Which time, itself, softly shares with the sapphire star.
Listen, for a moment, for words rarely spoken,
From the deep vastness of a brilliant sapphire star.
Hear forever her sacred song of the evenfall,
Learn the ever-forgotten lessons of life and dreams.
Embrace this solitary sapphire star in warmth and hope,
Share with her the ever-present warmth she, herself, provides.
Allow her to see through your own reflecting eyes the constant brilliance,
Which this sapphire star bathes upon the world.
Gaze once again upon the twinkling twilight beauty,
Of an ever-present sapphire star of the evenfall,
Who forever will sparkle within the depths of a silently sorrowful heart.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Smile Empty Soul

Have you ever just stepped back, and analyzed your own life? Thought through all the wonderfully fantastic dreams you have, and finally faced the reality that sometimes, well actually most of the time, dreams never come true? Indeed, it seems like a sorrowful moment; however, facing reality can often be a refreshing approach to this crazy journey we call life.
Sometimes, I wonder where from do these fantastic dreams arise. Still today, I have no clear-cut answer. Instead, only more questions arise when I take the time to analyze these dreams.
You might would think that giving up on a dream is difficult, and in some cases, this is entirely true. For other situations, giving up on a dream is merely a part of confronting reality. Sometimes, reality is a cruel mistress; yet, reality never lies. Of course, often we are afraid to accept our own reality.
There are several things which, sadly, I now realize will never come to pass. Dreams that I, myself, have shattered; instead of foolishly pursuing them. When something you dream of, or wish for, can never realistically be – then it is time to relieve yourself of that painful dream, that damning fantasy.
So these thoughts cross my mind, and I wonder of there utility. So I look inward, and smile at an empty soul.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Requiem for the Fallen

Walk through the shattered remains,
Stop to gaze upon the scarred landscape,
Sing the sorrowful song of remembrance,
Feel the ever-present pain of the world.
Open the tear-filled eyes of despair,
Gaze upon something far more mournful then yourself,
Recognize the ever-lasting loss of life,
A loss which the world ever-mourns.
In this life of success and downfall,
We often overlook the more valuable,
The gift given to all and treasured by few,
And that is the eternal pain of the world.
We are the stem of the sorrow,
The conscious embodiment of eternal suffering,
The vain beings who believe in our overwhelming worth,
And those who systematically destroy the world.
Yet the world does not strike back with vengeance,
The world does not cast down the strength of the eternal,
It weeps for the misunderstood beings called mankind,
Perhaps though, mankind should weep for the world.